Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rachel K. Rachel

Gasp! There has been murder done at the Pike Place Market! Well, attempted murder. Of a PIGGY BANK.
Rachel the Piggy Bank at the Pike Place Market

The story is best explained in an article by Maureen O'Hagan in today's Seattle Times.

Market pig vs. Prius: And the winner is?

Maureen O'Hagan

Pig VS Prius

The time: the wee hours, Saturday.
The place: Pike Place Market.
The matchup: pig-versus-Prius.
The pig weighed in at about 550 pounds. The Prius a whole lot more.
And the winner? The pig, by a squeal.
According to James Haydu, a spokesman for the market, the battle was over in seconds.
The way the police told Haydu the story, a taxicab was waiting for the light to change at the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. The force sent the taxi careening.
"The driver of the cab panicked and, for whatever reason, turned left into Pike Place Market," Haydu said. The taxi, a Prius, hit the pig.
The Prius was pretty beat up. The pig, known as Rachel, survived. She was down but not out.
The force pulled Rachel's feet from the cement that held her.
After the accident, two construction workers came by, hoisted her onto a dolly, and wheeled her into storage.
"She'll be up and running once we can pour new cement," Haydu said. Well, maybe not running, exactly, but you get the drift. She'll be back in her spot as the Market mascot soon.
And the cabbie? According to Haydu, he was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

Yes, it's true. Rachel the piggy bank in the Pike Place Market survived her attempted assassination by an ill-tempered Prius cab. (Yes, Seattle has hybrid cabs. ) Kevin and I discovered this while brunching at the Pike Place Grill, which has a great view of Rachel usually. We took these photos following our feast of eggs benedict and chili cheese omelette. 

"Taking a sick day -- Will be back to help the market's seniors and kids. Th-Oinks."

"We miss you, Rachel! Get well soon."

I have doubt over the events of this Prius accident. The distance from the traffic intersection at 1st Ave & Pike St. is at least 60 feet away from the brass pig. How fast was this alleged rear ender going? Do Prius breaks actually cause the vehicle to accelerate in ridiculous directions? I call shennanigans on the whole thing. Perhaps it is all a conspiracy, wrought with mystery and secret sausage. Secrets sausage? Yes.