Friday, December 17, 2010

Rachel K. Decision

Seattle University wants me, too! Who would have thought this would happen? Certainly not me. In my infinite self-doubt, I seem to have forgotten somewhere along the graduate school application process to ... y'know... compare schools. My  preliminary search process for masters in teaching programs was as follows:
  1. Google "masters in teaching programs, Seattle." 
  2. Apply to top 3 search results. 
  3. Pour a glass of wine. 
And in fact, the google search is really no exaggeration of my "research efforts." Behold: 

And so I began applying to these programs. Or, I should say that I applied to the programs that weren't turbo sketchy. I haven't talked very much about Seattle Pacific University, but that's only because the application deadline is in February and by the time I was getting around to putting something together, I had already heard back from the University of Washington. 

So now I am accepted to two ostensibly good schools: The University of Washington and Seattle University. I have the greatest problem anyone could have: 

Which graduate program should I go to?

 Sure, UW was definitely my first choice and I was totally behind the idea of finishing up pre-requisite classes in the next two quarters and starting in June... but then I got into the other school! It changed everything! So, I started making lists  -- most of them in my head at around 2am -- and here is what my lists may have looked like were they written on paper:

UW v. SU 
UW has a bigger fountain than SU's... plus it has a vista of a volcano. 
SU's bathrooms are much nicer than UW's
UW has 220 people in the MIT program while SU's has 50
UW is broke and SU is backed by the DARK SIDE Catholic Church and has church $$$
UW is 2 years long, SU is 1
UW would save me $3,000... which I would end up spending on pre-requisites
I don't have to take anymore prerequisites if I go to SU... I could just take them during the program as opposed to before. 

For these reasons and generally no others, I have decided to officially enroll in the Seattle University and start my Masters in Teaching Program in early March of 2011. This is barring amnesia, peg-leggedness, and/or cold feet. 

So -- exciting news! This blog might actually turn into a teaching blog after a solid year and some months as a bunch of mild catastrophes. 

I'm going to be SO BROKE. 

And on that note, I'm going to visit my family in Virginia for a week and a half or so. I will probably report more on the graduate school enrollment from there.